Waste paper products

Waste can be recycled! This idea of putting waste back in the material loop has a huge economic potential. Best of all: our environmental resources will be protected at the same time.
In 2011, according to the Swindon-based Confederation of Paper Industries, 58 million tonnes of waste paper was collected for recycling. European is seen as being a global leader in terms of paper recycling although more and more of the material is being exported to China and South East Asia.

In particular in Greece due to the absence of local paper mills 100% of the waste paper colelcted is exported to Asia and a smaller percentage in Europe. ITN enjoys close co-operation with numerous paper sorting plants, in which waste paper, cardboard and paperboard containers are mechanically or manually sorted. They extract recoverable types of paper from all of the waste paper collected, and prepare the waste paper for recovery in the form of pressed baled material. On the other hand ITN has customers several paper mills mainly in Asia which purchase the high quality waste paper offered for recycling. More specifically ITN can offer significant quantities of the following qualities of waste paper: