ITN covers most of the oleochemical products, including crude glycerin, fatty acids and relative to the industry products such us biomass, catalysts and shipping.

We are organized by product to offer you the expertise of ITN product managers who are in touch with their international markets everyday, who will be able to help you in your selling or procurement decisions.

You will find a brief review on every product and indicative certificates of analysis of our products:

Crude Glycerin

ITN trades crude glycerin sourced mainly from Greece, North Europe, South Europe, South America sold to Asia and Middle East. Since the beginning of Biodiesel

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ITN provides both NON GMO and GMO Soya Lecithin. They are used in food and feed industry accordingly. Our suppliers provide all the appropriate certificates

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Used cooking oil

There was a lot of debate these last years around sustainability of biodiesel due to the increasing prices seed oils.In addition current oilseeds production systems

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Waste paper products

Waste can be recycled! This idea of putting waste back in the material loop has a huge economic potential. Best of all: our environmental resources

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The sister company of our group is a specialized in bulk liquid transportation with iso tanks which are owned and in vertical services of flexi

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Polyphenols are bioactive phytochemicals, found in abundance in the outer layers of plants (skins and shells) and less in their inner parts.
Polyphenols are considered by the scientific community

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