PhenThis product is intended for human consumption and is used as a natural food additive. It has unique antioxidant and antimicrobial characteristics as well as the organoleptic characteristics of olive oil. It is a novel product that is used mostly in vegan products as well as in any organic product that contains only natural additives.
The product has all the characteristics (taste and odor) of extra virgin olive oil.

This product originating from the water extract of pressed olives (Olea Europea l.) is further subjected to physical processing to increase polyphenol content. Only water is utilized in the production process. The method of production is by lyophilization of the processed water extract (freeze at -35 °C and dry by applying ultra-low vacuum).

Polyphenol content: > 50.000 mg/Kg (ppm)
Oil content: < 5 %
Protein content: < 10 %
Moisture content: 5 % max.
Pesticides: absent