Crude Glycerin

ITN trades crude glycerin sourced mainly from Greece, North Europe, South Europe, South America sold to Asia and Middle East. Since the beginning of Biodiesel production in Greece from 2005 up to nowadays, ITN traded more than 60% of the local production. The growing needs of our customers drived us to expand our supply sources to other European Countries such us Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal.

Many major biodiesel producers rely on us for the smooth allocation of their products. If you are user of crude glycerin rest assure that we can provide the suitable quality for the use you need. The major volumes are sold bulk in flexi tanks and are used in the production of high quality pharmaceutical glycerin in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Moreover we can supply high quality glycerin that is considered as semi refined with less than 5 ppm methanol content, suitable for refineries that want to minimize the treatment stages in their production. The glycerin grades with higher methanol contents are allocated in thermal or combustion plants for the production of electricity.

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