Business Ethics

There is no doubt that Business Ethics is of great importance and affect all aspects of entrepreneurship.
It is more than obvious that a corporation is operating in an organized society and a natural environment which interacting to each other.
As result there is a certain impact to community and to natural environment (ecosystem) due to business activities.
Taking the above findings as guidelines we have set the frame of principles which reflect our broader business concern and philosophy:


We strongly believe that business world is a field of complicity and collaboration where if you harm the other then in long term you harm yourself.
The motto “the winner takes it all” is passé because if “the winner takes it all” then “the game is over even for the winner”.
Economic Darwinism has failed and we all can see the results globally.
Therefore in ITN we strive to build a business culture which will promote common good and mutual benefits.
Integrity and transparency and fair trade practices are our necessary tools which help to achieve our commitment.


Maybe is the key point to face the social and environmental challenges.
But what is this most discussed term? What is sustainability?
In simple words sustainability means to meet the needs of today and at same time to secure that future generations will meet their needs of tomorrow. It has not only to do with environment but including also the social and economic dimension since this “triplet” constitute an unbreakable unity.

If we try to split it the results will be similar with the nuclear fission.
With approximately 7 billion people on Earth, we must find new ways of reducing resource consumption and ensuring equitable access to resources if we are to avoid dramatic environmental degradation and resource-driven political conflicts.
So as part of our responsibility we filter all our business activities through the prism of sustainability keeping as much as possible close to the core of the knowledge and technology which can bring about a different future.
ITN is focused to develop and expand the trading of by-products and waste material. It is vital for the avoidance of resources exhaustion to drop back in the production procedure the waste by recycling it.
Thus we create value minimizing the social and environmental impact.


We see diversity as the lifeblood of ecosystems, cultures, economies, communities and business.
We support change that enriches and protects diversity.
Heading on this direction in ITN we constantly refresh our own thought and keep open mind in our trading activities.

ITN endeavor to set high operation and trading standards based on our ethics code and our philosophy.
We seek to grow and balance environmental, social and economic value.
We conquer business excellence day by day.