Acid oils and oleins

ITN is specialized in the trade of fatty acids. We can provide all types of acids oils, from seed oils up to the ones from biodiesel production. Acid Oils from Seed Oils are suitable for animal feed industry. We can mainly provide Mixed (soya, sun, corn), Palm Acid Oils, Palm Fatty Acid distilled and Rapeseed Fatty Acids. Our company , ITN, is registered according to regulation 183 /2005 as member in the feed chain and we are co-operation with biggest animal feed industries in Europe and Russia.

Besides the animal feed application they have technical uses as well.
Apart from the a/m types we can provide acid Oils from Biodiesel production and Cotton Acid Oils that are used for technical purposes and biomass industry.

Please press on the specific type of Acid Oil or Olein that you are interested, to view the analysis and photo: