About ITN

Our global network enables us to a take a global perspective on supply and demand balances to various geographical regions and price changes. ITN’s clients include many of the major biodiesel plants, glycerine refineries, crushers, seed oil refineries, biomass users, traders, brokers, end users and other oleo chemical companies as well as investors and finance companies. The interactive co-operations we developed throughout this chain enable us and all members to find best possible supply solutions from trustworthy parties.

We act either as traders or as representatives in Europe of well know industries located in South Asia and Middle East. Our comparative advantage is that we can sell on CIF or DDU basis at the desired destination through the services of our sister company, which is specialized in bulk transportation by owned Iso Tanks, Flexi Tanks, Liner Bags and any other mean of transport suitable for each case. This results the provision to our customers of vertical service and overall knowledge.

ITN trading company is dedicated to its customers, producers and users, to provide the suitable product at best price – quality ratio. We are prompt, reliable and friendly in all kind of services provided.